Get Ahead of Your Freelance Needs with Talent Pools

What if you could avoid the stress that comes with short lead times and compromised freelance choices? What if you could get ahead of your freelance needs by having a deep, and vetted freelance team at your disposal? Sounds great but a lot of work? Not with &FRIENDS Talent Pools.


For the first time, the process of building, managing, and replenishing your ideal freelance team has been made effortless.
Ways You Can Use Talent Pools with &FRIENDS

PRE-BUILT TALENT POOLS: Your &FRIENDS Account Management team can help build out your talent pools. – If you have an Account Managed service, we are on hand to help build out talent pools for you. This means that if you foresee an influx of projects, and need to start thinking about scaling up, your dedicated Account Manager can begin building out your talent pools and get your “digital bench” ready – ensuring you have pre-vetted, quality talent already waiting in the wings! (This is a separate function from simply posting a job brief for a specific role across set dates).

UPLOADING YOUR BLACKBOOK: Add your blackbook of freelancers or employees and organise them into talent pools how you like. Blackbook freelancers are FREE to book via &FRIENDS. You can use Talent Pools to organise your own freelance talent in one place, including bulk messaging, briefing, booking, etc.

SOURCING / PREPARING YOUR OWN TALENT POOLS: Source talent from our global community and build your own talent pools. Maybe you just hired the perfect freelancer for the gig, but were impressed with some of the other talent from the shortlist? – Add them too your talent pool- Think of it as your shopping wishlist!

HAVE FREELANCERS COME TO YOU: Once you create/open the talent pool, you have the option to make it public, allowing freelancers to ‘apply’ to your pool. Freelancers that match your needs can find your Talent pool and get in touch so you don’t have to make the first move. You will be able to review their profile before deciding to accept them into your pool of expert freelancers. You can keep this pool as exclusive as you want.

In any case, talent pools will save you from having to source for candidates and post briefs each time you have a new project.

Having organized Talent pools allows you to:

  • Monitor availabilityChat with freelancers
  • Rate freelancers
  • Write notes of all interactions
  • Book them through &FRIENDS
  • Access contact details
  • View their profiles and work
  • Best of all, building a team is free on &FRIENDS, and you only incur fees when you book freelancers (and only those who are part of our community and not your own blackbook). 

Tip: Clients tend to divide pools between specialism and level of expertise as we have on the platform. Lead, senior, midweight, Junior.


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