Why you should (slightly) customise your freelancer profile


The beauty of having a profile on a freelancer platform like &FRIENDS means you can apply for a project with just a click of a button. However, you know that all jobs are different and require various skills and specialisations. Taking a moment to tailor your profile before hitting the apply button not only shows attention to detail but also demonstrates a genuine interest in the position.

&FRIENDS specialises in freelance roles, and these projects can vary from days to weeks and sometimes months.



Production Work

For most production roles, employers will likely want to see your website and portfolio. It’s best to input this information when creating your &FRIENDS profile.


In terms of customisation, you can add projects and examples of your work to the portfolio section on your profile. If a brief provides details about the project, such as specific skills in a particular platform or a specific technique, this is the perfect place to showcase it. Why not save them the time of scrolling through your website to find evidence or information about this project? Plus, it only takes a few seconds.


Skills are different from specialisations; your specialisation is your main job title, and the ones you input on your profile will alert you via email. Skills are listed separately, and you can add several of them by pressing enter after each skill. If you notice key skills needed for a job, a great idea is to add them here. If a client decides to use the search functionality to find freelancers or is sifting through numerous applicants, they can filter based on your skills.

What a client sees when they view the portfolio section of your profile




For roles that aren’t centred around production, whether it’s freelance or full-time, it’s crucial to tweak your profile based on the provided job description. If you’re not relying solely on your CV, it’s a good idea to edit your bio to align with the job description, highlighting the relevant experience you’ve had for that specific project. Often, brands are on the lookout for professionals who have worked with similar brands, making it valuable to list the brands you’ve collaborated with as a way to underscore your fit for the role.

Another effective method for customizing your profile is to feature your experience and projects under the designated section. We acknowledge that you’ve already uploaded your CV, which may encompass everything, but each client navigates the platform differently. It can be time-consuming for them to download separate CVs off the platform. Instead, having a quick read through your bio and viewing a couple of past projects listed within the platform is often more convenient than having to exit to access different documents.

Below is an example of a bio (keeping it concise is key), but take note of the mention of brands she has collaborated with.

This is an example of a Freelancer listing a related past experience, simply listing the date, project and client. 



Get Ready to land your dream project – Customise your &FRIENDS Profile Now


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