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What friends
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&FRIENDS was founded in London in 2016, with a clear sense of purpose; to tell powerful human stories with love and conviction. Today we’re as committed as ever, with award-winning work across tv, digital and socials. 

With in-house Creative, Production and Editing teams we approach every project individually – from content strategy and creative concepting to delivery of assets into any market.



Work is best when everyone benefits – our clients, our community, and our in-house team. We want to create a truly representative global community, made up of the best talent — because diversity is the bedrock of creativity.

It’s our responsibility to find that talent and foster a culture of acceptance, empathy and respect.


Working creatively means more than just being innovative. While we’re driven by a desire to work smart, there’s no point doing this if the work isn’t fun.


While building a global community of clients and talent, we’re conscious of our place in the wider world – and the responsibility we have to create a better environment for future generations – through our actions today.

As part of this commitment, we’re removing the need to fly people round the world, while serving meat-free catering on shoots, slashing our single-use plastic consumption and continually developing other measures to reduce our carbon footprint.

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We’re a team of creative, technology, production and client service experts, united by our mission to change the way the creative industry works.

We’re also good people who like to have fun… think of us simply as your Friends.

Lucy Anderson

Operations Manager

Isabella BRANDIS

community manager

Dale Gall




Tom Maberly

Founder / Ceo



Harvey Palmer

Head of production



Nick Stevens

Founder / CTO



Travel brands, hope is on the horizon – but don’t miss the post-pandemic wave…


Forget the ‘in-housing vs. outsourcing’ debate, FlexSourcing gives you the best of both…


Order out of chaos: Five Reasons to Feel Good About Our Industry Right Now


We Solve The 'Inhousing' vs. Outsourcing; Dilemma. FlexSourcing™ Gives You The Best of Both.



Using our proprietary in-house platform, we create teams of specialists – handpicked from our global creative community, shaped around your requirements.

Everyone is onboarded into your brand – and trained in the &FRIENDS Way. Giving you ‘plug-in’ teams – in all the right places – which you simply switch on whenever, wherever you need. 


Flexsource™ The Team Around Each Brief

A camera team in Milan next week? Tick. A full production department in Malaysia next month? You got it.

With FlexSourcing™ you can adapt your resource throughout the year – fielding the right specialists for each particular project, when and where you need it – selected from your wider ‘squad’ of friends. 

You only pay for people you need, versus shelling out for offices full of people you don’t know. 

The budget you’ll save on creative can then be applied where it’s most effective – in media and distribution – ensuring audiences actually see your assets, and you deliver on the important KPI’s.

5 Reasons Why Friends Are Better


1. Strategy, planning, creative + production – all in-house.

2. Save budget on content creation, apply it where it counts.

3. Extension of your core team – right people, right place, right time… Every time.

4. FlexSource™ your bespoke team around the workflow – throughout the year.

5. Slash your carbon footprint – we have friends everywhere.



Think Like a Publisher

The key to engaging people is to give them what they actually want. Finding the sweet-spot between you and your audience (it’s why ‘influencers’ and Insta’ celebs do so well). No one knows this better than media owners – they literally wrote the book on cultivating and retaining audiences, long-term.

So we blend our journalistic pedigree with big agency thinking, sniffing out your brand stories that matter – turning them into beautiful, culturally relevant assets that resonate.

Refreshingly different from ‘shouty’ Old Advertising.

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Production Company vs. Production Partner​

What’s the difference?

Quite a lot. For starters we handle almost everything in house – including comms planning and brand strategy, ideation, production and post. We also take care of asset management, reversioning and translations for local markets – our senior in-house producers working shoulder-to-shoulder with you the whole way.

And like all good friends, we’re always available for advice and support – without you having to worry about ‘running the meter’. As a production partner or (as we like to consider ourselves) friend, we’re here for the long-haul – adding value, at every step. Think of us as your own, personal creative ‘concierge’.

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Introducing our
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Whether you’re a business hiring talent or a freelancer looking for gigs, you can now manage everything neatly through your Cavalry account.