Emerging trends in production

In the ever-evolving landscape of production, staying ahead of trends is crucial for professionals aiming to deliver cutting-edge content.

Each year, more and more trends and technologies emerge and shape the future of production, revolutionising the way we not only create, but consume and interact with media. 

We asked you (our Linkedin followers) via a poll what you thought these emerging trends would be (we chose our top four faves).


Virtual Reality


Blurring the lines between the physical and virtual worlds, virtual reality has gained momentum with techniques like green screen filming and computer-generated environments. Virtual reality, augmented, reality, and extended reality are all pushing the boundaries of storytelling.




UGC is more prominent in content today because of the diverse perspectives it brings from everyday individuals , it fosters a more inclusive representation of different communities. The user contribution to the brand can also foster a sense of community to a brand which might in turn come with trust due to the authentic nature of the content.


Interactive content

If you think about how much we actually consume day to day, you’ll want to switch off your phone/ tv. But you won’t, cause you’re addicted. No judgement. But this is why interactive Content is shaping the future of production, it’s encouraging the audience to actively participate and interact with content rather than passively consume it. Given this action, it’s likely to be retained at a higher level. Interactive content can also be quite personalised as opposed to a lot of the mass marketing we see daily.



Short form video

These days, with the amount of media we’re consuming, our attention spans are limited, so audiences prefer bite-sized content to consume during a break or when on-the go.  – A short form video is the answer. Most of the time this content is viewed on mobile and on social media where these platforms prioritise short form content i.e Tiktok.

Short form videos are easily digestible, usually straight to the point so more likely to capture and retain audience attention as opposed to long form videos.


Ways of working

Remote Collaboration and Cloud-Based Workflows:

The global shift towards remote work has significantly impacted production workflows. Cloud-based collaboration tools and Global Freelancing platforms, like &FRIENDS, allow for diverse skillsets, enhanced efficiency and creativity at a GLOBAL scale.


Sustainable Production Practices:


The production industry is becoming more environmentally conscious. From eco-friendly sets, eco-friendly travel options and sustainably sourced materials, audiences have demanded a shift toward being being more green and socially responsible in content production and &FRIENDS is on board. As an example &FRIENDS has partnered with Ecologi to offset our productions.



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