Breakups can be tough, but this one? We’re actually pretty stoked about it! 
You can soon say hello (or perhaps, welcome back) to our old buddy Cavalry.

Here’s the scoop:
A few years back, our content production team at &FRIENDS joined forces with the freelance talent platform Cavalry. Together, they formed a powerful partnership, supporting each other and our clients, becoming a powerhouse in the production industry and for creative freelancers everywhere!

But very soon, the journey will take a turn. While still staying best buds and partners, we’ve decided to part ways as two separate entities to bring clarity and reduce any confusion for our amazing users.
So, what’s the deal now?

&FRIENDS will be all about content production needs, while CAVALRY FREELANCING will be the place for our freelancers and hirers to connect and thrive.
Do you need to do anything?
Not at all! Your profile will stay just the way it is, along with your logins. The way you will use the platform won’t change; it’s just getting a fresh coat of paint.
and what about fees?
Nope, Cavalry will still be as free as ever for freelancers to sign up and use. And guess what? If you book a project, there are zero commission charges. So, keep doing what you do best, and let those gigs roll in.
Keep your eyes peeled as the relaunch of Cavalry is only a short while away now. Rest assured you’ll hear about it first!

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