Download the 2023 Australian Rate Guide

Introducing the 2023 edition of the &FRIENDS Australian Freelance Rate Guide! You can download it at the bottom of the page.

Our report provides a detailed analysis of how freelance rates have shifted over the past 2 years, covering individual disciplines, categories and locations. 

Our goal is to help both companies and freelancers better understand the latest freelance market conditions within creative services and by doing so helping align expectations and planning. 

Key out takes: 

  • Freelance rates increased by 6% (+ $33 per day) between 2021 and 2023 from $563 to $596. This increase is the largest jump in freelance rates over the past 5 years and indicates the freelance market has not only recovered from the lows of COVID, but experienced a boom of sorts in 2022 given a number of factors including a growing talent shortage and record inflation.  
  • As a broad discipline Content Creation exploded over the past two years and with that rates have increased substantially. The average content creation rate increased by $84 (14%) to $683 and is a clear leader over all other categories. Strategy is second at $676 and Marketing is third at $601. Only PR, Delivery and Data decreased their average rates from 2021.
  • Four out of the top five most expensive job roles were content related vs 2021 when strategy roles were the dominant category in the top five. 
  • While Sydney continues to have the highest freelance rates, Melbourne and Brisbane look to be catching up. Melbourne rates increased by 5% to $565 while Brisbane increased by 6% to $574. Sydney on the other hand only increased by 1% to $617 but still leads other markets by up to $43 per day.  
  • When comparing seniority, Senior rates increased the most by $40 per day to $609. Midweight was second with an increase of $30 to $497 per day. Leads increased by $17 to $744 per day, while Juniors on the other hand decreased by $4 to $364 per day. 

We hope you enjoy it