THE beginning

As part of our ongoing partnership with Vodafone Smart Tech, we were briefed to create campaign of content that brought to life the key use-cases for the new Vodafone Curve Pet Tracker.
Grounded in real-life, our assets needed to showcase pets’ sense of adventure in a positive and realistic way – with muddy paws, wet fur and drooling jaws to boot!

The Happy Ending

Our in-house team works hand-in-glove with our FRIENDS at Vodafone Smart Tech throughout the year, handling launch campaigns from concept to delivery, with ongoing advice and requests from the global markets.

Working to a tight internal deadline, we quickly built a team of animal loving production experts from our network of FRIENDS and got to work. The stills and lifestyle film were captured across two days, with CGI and Key visuals being created alongside. From initial brief – to creative concept – to delivery in just eight weeks.

We FlexSource™ our core team throughout the year around the demands of each specific project.