Vodafone Dreamlab


vodafone dreamlab

The Beginning.

Technology that enables you to use your phone to power Covid-19 treatment research while you sleep – how amazing is that? 

Our job was to create a global digital campaign, engaging consumers about the amazing DreamLab partnership between our friends at Vodafone and Imperial College London – balancing multiple stakeholders, tight deadlines and a global pandemic. 

The Happy Ending.

In a world where we were feeling more isolated and powerless – and yet were more connected – than ever before, we came up with the concept of The Power of We. The idea that through harnessing the power of our smartphones, we could ‘come together’ and positively impact the fight-back against the virus. 

After nailing the concept, our in-house creatives, writers and producers wrote the scripts and designed the social assets – while organising remote shoots with contributors in several different countries. 

All this happened in a matter of weeks – ready to go live in around 11 global markets. 

vodafone foundation advert