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The Beginning.

Vodafone is evolving – from being a purely Telco brand, to becoming a credible global TechCo. As part of this they rebranded and expanded their Smart Tech team – launching a raft of new products designed and built from scratch.

We were tasked with creating a bespoke team of on-call specialists – including a CGI expert, photographer, creative and dedicated production crew – to act as an extension of Vodafone’s wider team.

Having a team of specialists that we can pull on has been invaluable. Whether you’re working with a different writer, director or whatever, it’s really that perfect model; we couldn’t possibly do that as an in-house studio model. I think it’s important to have a blend.

- Neill Furmston, Global Creative Director, Vodafone Smart Tech

The Happy Ending.

Our in-house team works hand-in-glove with our friends at Vodafone Smart Tech throughout the year, handling launch campaigns from concept to delivery, ongoing advice and requests from the global markets – even helping to create a global production ‘playbook’, ensuring consistent look and feel across all visual assets.

We FlexSource™ the core team throughout the year – according to the demands of each specific project – bringing in specialists from the wider Vodafone &FRIENDS ‘bench’. Everyone is onboarded into the Vodafone brand, and trained in the &FRIENDS way – ensuring seamless servicing and a ‘one team’ approach, without the usual costs and wrinkles associated with in-housing or outsourcing.

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250 deliverables per campaign including CGI, photography & video.

Using a Phone

We FlexSource™ our core team throughout the year around the demands of each specific project.