vodafone curve advert

THE beginning

As part of our ongoing partnership with Vodafone Smart Tech, we were asked to create all the global launch assets for ‘Curve’ – the smart bike light with built-in GPS tracker – handling everything, from concept to delivery, in the grips of the global pandemic.

The Happy Ending

Full disclosure: our core team has a bit of a bike ‘habit’, so this was a dream project. Working hand-in-glove with Vodafone’s in-house team, we came up with a concept for the launch film, photography, CGI assets and more, switching on the bespoke team of specialists we created for Smart Tech.

Despite lockdowns, travel bans and other ‘variables’, the craft continued. Look out for the film (currently in production), shot by former Rapha director, Andrew Telling.

vodafone advert
vodafone advert

We FlexSource™ our core team throughout the year around the demands of each specific project.

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