The Beginning.

Campari Group approached us to create a global documentary series that shines a light on an industry at a cross-roads – looking at how the ‘big themes’ of today are impacting the bartending world – and asking what being a bartender in our modern age really means?

The Happy Ending.

We created, produced and delivered the global docu-series, Perspectives – collaborating with Campari’s Creative Director Monica Berg – a globally renowned bartender and industry expert in her own right.Our in-house team handled the research, creative and production – shooting in over 10 countries, with multiple contributors. 

The power of our global community meant we could use local crews in order to limit the project’s carbon footprint, while also reflecting the communities we were filming in.

The series has gone down well with both consumers and the global bartending community – keep your eyes peeled for Season 2, which is about to commence shooting.

Specialist Local Teams in Each Country - Complementing Our in-house Crew

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