Brand USA


The Beginning.

Euronews and Brand USA asked us to create a presenter-led travel series – taking audiences on a journey along the Civil Rights Trail, through the American South – exploring the food, art, music and wider culture in this fascinating region. The aim was to drive awareness and footfall with overseas visitors.

The Happy Ending.

With writer and photographer Johny Pitts on board, our in-house team researched and wrote the treatments for Soul of the South – shooting and delivering the first episode, five weeks after receiving the brief.

Each instalment sees Johny. taking audiences on a personal journey of discovery – immersing himself in the history of African-American civil rights – whilst exploring the rich culture and sense of community that has come to define the American South.

Alongside our core team, we had a specialist local crew, sourced from our Friends community.

Specialist Local Teams in Each Country - Complementing Our in-house Crew

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